British Sign Language Course

Learn British Sign Language

What?          This is a 6 week course for people to come and learn basic British Sign Language communication.

Where?         Little Lane Church (Little Lane, Heaton/Girlington, Bradford, BD9 5HD)

When?          Book your place on either:

                                                    Wednesday 7.15 - 8.30pm (Starting 7th Sept)

                                                    Friday 6.15 - 7.30pm (Starting 9th Sept)

                                                    Saturday 11am - 12:15pm (Starting 10th Sept)

Why?            Because there are a lot of people around us using BSL and it's great when we can communicate with them!

Who?            Adults wanting to learn BSL.  (Recomended age for young people coming to learn 11+)

Cost?            £3 a session to pay for the tutor, but if you can't afford it, speak to us please!

Book your place: phone/text 07929 012568    email: